In the 18th year of creating this calendar, I am thinking back to my early 20s, when I began studying photography and hanging exhibits. It was a time full of promise and new purpose. Soon after, I became an independent assignment photographer to support myself in work closely allied with my artistic passion.

As a professional, I specialized in photographing designed spaces
 - interiors, architecture, and gardens. My images were published for many years in national and regional magazines. Book credits include Pure Sea Glass; Wayne L. Good Architect: Tradition, Elegance, Repose; and Molten Beauty: The Soul of an American Galvanizing Plant.

I always have been guided by a keen sense of design and an abiding trust in my intuitive responses. 
In the late 1990s, gradually returning to "inner driven" work as my primary focus, I once again began to exhibit in galleries, and then in museums.  My art has been privately collected for many years and is in several corporate and museum collections.

Lately I have paused from years of continuous production. Recent exploration of the archives of my parents has sparked my creative spirit because of something I can't quite name. Some guiding presence, not only in my own family story, but in the depths of our human story, is moving me forward. The sense of discovery and its richness is beyond anything I could have dreamed.

For more, please visit the Celia Pearson portfolio site.

Photo above by Doug Coulson